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Waste Paper Recycling

With the improvement of the economy, packaging has taken the largest share of paper use. For the sake of resource conservation, people recycle water paper to produce molded pulp packaging products. Egg tray making machine is a creative way to waste paper recycling. It is widely applied to turn waste paper, such as old magazines, newspapers, and boxes, into pulp products, like egg trays, egg cartons, shoe trays, etc. Facts proved that egg tray machine is very helpful for environmental protection. Meanwhile, it is very popular among investors with the advantages of high return and low costs. BESTON GROUP CO., LTD. is a professional egg tray machine manufacturer. We have supplied all kinds of pulp forming machines for both domestic and overseas clients.

Egg tray machine for waste paper recycling
Auto Egg Tray Machine from Beston

Common Process of Waste Paper Recycling

The process of waste paper recycling most often involves mixing scrap paper with water and chemical additives to break it down into pulp. Then the processed paper pulp is remade as different kinds of products through different forming procedures. The common pulp products include roll paper, protective packaging, etc. Egg tray machine is one of the frequently-used approaches.

In our egg tray production line, we have some screens at the bottom of hydraulic pulper to filter the impurities in pulp to improve the quality of products. In addition, we also employ a refiner to make the pulp smoother for molding. This is the first important working procedure, namely pulping system.

Then the refined pulp is pumped to paper pulp molding machine. We can produce various pulp molded products by means of different molding dies. The end products cover egg trays, egg cartons, shoe trays, trays for electronic products, etc. Pulp molding machine is certainly the key technology of an egg tray machine manufacturer. With an excellent technology and design team, our company has developed a flexible pulp molding production line at different specifications. We also provide the most suitable and efficient drying mode according to the actual conditions of customers. After drying, the products can be packed for sale so that waste paper is successfully converted into wealth.

The whole production line is easy and safe to operate and maintain. And we always provide a keen egg tray machine price for many types of investment plans. That is why Beston becomes popular among all kinds of investors.

Working Process for Waste Paper Recycling
Working Process for Waste Paper Recycling

Environmental Friendliness of Waste Paper Recycling

Waste paper recycling is environment-friendly, so is a pulp molding production line. For one thing, waste paper can be fully used so that fewer trees will be felled. As shown from investigation results, forty percent of paper pulp is made from wood. It has been estimated that recycling half the waste paper in the world would save 20 million acres of forestland. Thus, it is with remarkable public interest to invest an egg tray making machine.

For the other thing, the whole production line is free from contamination. Except that the wastewater is recycled, our production line is designed for energy conservation as well. Moreover, the pulp molded products can be recycled after use. As a kind of degradable material, pulp products are advantageous in comparison with plastic packaging products.

Waste paper recycling is also cost-effective due to the low and rich material resources. Our company has a variety of egg tray machine for sale, including semi-automatic and automatic egg tray machine. We promise to provide the high-quality equipment at a reasonable price. Besides, the output of our machine can reach up to 9000 pieces per hour. More importantly, our pulp molding equipment is multifunctional with detachable molds. Thus, it is a good choice to invest an egg tray making machine. Beston is ready to serve you!

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