Egg Tray Machine Video

Beston Egg Tray Factory

This video was recorded in Beston Factory. It is a BTF-5-8 egg tray machine with brick drying room and packing system, which has been working for 7 years. You can learn the complete egg tray making process here.

Egg Tray Machine Videos from Customers

Beston has more than 70 successful cases all over the world, including India, the Philippines, Colombia, Indonesia, Cote d’Ivoire, etc. Below are some videos for your reference.

Comment Vidoe from Customers

Beston egg tray machine is highly received by the good quality and full service. Below are some comment videos from our customers.

Test Run Video of Egg Tray Machine

Before delivery, we will test the empty machine to make sure that it is ready to use.

Egg Carton Machine Videos

Except egg tray machine, we also have egg carton machine for sale. You can customize the egg carton mold. Also, you can make different trays with the same machine.

Apple Tray Making Machine Video

Below are apple tray making machine videos for your reference.

Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine Video

Beston had cup holder tray machine shipped to Ukraine and Armenia. Below are the test run videos for your reference.

Shipping Videos

Beston has a professional team for shipping so that you can get the machine safely and timely. Below are some videos of shipping site.

Drying Line

There are three different drying methods to choose from, including natural drying, brick drying and metal dryer machine. Below are videos of brick dryer and metal dryer.

Packing System

Some pack the trays manually, while some will use machines, influding counter, packer, hot press machine, etc. You can choose according to your needs.

If you want more egg tray machine video, please check Beston Youtube Channel. Also, welcome to contact us for more details.

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