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Beston Egg Tray Machine Exporting to Ivory Coast

BTF4-8 egg tray machine is the most popular pulp molding equipment from Beston. A customer from Ivory Coast also chose a BTF4-8 egg tray machine a few month ago. He sent us some pictures to our sales manager last week. As he said, people felt amazing about the quality of the egg trays produced by our machine. In addition, he wanted to say “thank you” to our engineers. As shown in the picture, our engineers also enjoyed the time in Ivory Coast. We are very glad that our product won a high fame in a new market again. And Beston is ready to provide the best egg tray making machine for all customers around the world. Welcome to contact us!

CotedIvoire customers pulp forming equipment from Beston
Engineer with Ivory Coast Customers

Features of Beston Pulp Molding Equipment

1.Great stability.

Except for the most advanced technology, we also employ a mechanical power system instead of an electrical one. As we know, circuits are easier to be out of order. Therefore, our machine is good to look and stable to use.

2.High automation.

Our pulp forming machines are fully automatic from making pulp to end products. Therefore, it is safe and easy to operate. You can save much money on the labor force.

3.Exquisite design.

We have the best design team to provide all kinds of great pulp molding dies. In other words, we can make sure that your end products will be very popular. Our professional team is always ready to make the most suitable paper pulp tray making machine for each client.

4.Various choice.

Beston has formed a complete series of pulp molding equipment with different designs and sizes. We can also make to order. So just tell us your requirements.

Beston has rich experience in manufacturing and exporting pulp molding machines. We promise to offer you the top-quality products at the best egg tray machine price. Contact us now!

BTF4-8 Pulp Forming Equipment
BTF4-8 Pulp Molding Equipment

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