Integrated Pulping System

Integrated pulping system puts pulper, pulp refiner, water pool, and pulp pool together. The integrated design can greatly save your space and to lower your construction cost. It is very popular among small-scale investors. Below is the design for your reference.

Integrated Pulping System
Integrated Pulping System
Integrated Pulping System to Algeria
Integrated Pulping System to Algeria

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Application of Integrated Pulping System

The integrated pulping system is suitable for small egg tray production line, such as BTF-1-3, BTF-1-4, BTF-3-4, and BTF-4-4. If you have limited space, you can try the integrated pulp making machine. Below are more parameters for your reference.

small egg tray machine
egg tray machine
BTF-3-4 Egg Tray Machine
BTF-4-4 Egg Tray Making Machine

Model Output




Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h Water (kg/h) Fuel Consumption
Coal Natural Gas Diesel
BTF-1-3 1,000 3 34 kW 3-5 85 kg 255 50 22-32 18-28
BTF-1-4 1,500 4 41.2 kW 4-6 102 kg 306 60 26-36 22-32
BTF-3-4 2,000 12 53.7 kW 4-6 170 kg/h 510 83 37-47 30-40
BTF-4-4 2,500 16 57 kW 4-6 212 kg/h 636 104 46-56 38-48

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Features of Integrated Pulping System


  • Easy operation.

We have designed a control system to make it easy and safe to operate. What the worker needs to do is to put the waste paper into the hydraulic pulper. Therefore, one worker is enough for the pulping system.

  • Small occupation area.

With high concentration degree, the whole system covers less area to save more space, especially the occupied area pulp pool.

  • Less construction work.

We use metal tanks to take the place of pulp pools. All parts needed during pulping have been provided in the integrated pulping system already.

  • High automation.

The whole procedure is under the control of machines to largely reduce working intensity. Meanwhile, working efficiency and precision can be improved so that the quality of molded pulp products will be upgraded accordingly.

  • Attractive appearance.

Each part of our integrated pulping system is with good structure. On the one hand, we try to simplify the equipment employed in this system. On the other hand, we install the necessary pipelines inside.  Due to our skillful crafts and color assortment, its appearance has obtained favorable comments from our clients.

  • Easy to transport.

As mentioned, there are fewer components involved. In addition, it is much smaller as a whole. If you prefer flexible factory sites, an integrated pulping system will certainly be your best choice. More importantly, it can decrease the costs of construction work, such as the storage pulp pool.

Main Equipment

As a kind of pulping system, integrated pulping system mainly comprises hydraulic pulper, pulp refiner and pulp pump. In addition to these pieces of mechanical equipment, there are two pulp tanks instead of the storage pools. All these parts are well-structured as a synthetic system. Here is the role of each equipment.

Integrated pulping system for small egg tray machine Beston
Integrated Pulping System Beston

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Hydraulic Pulper

It is the first large-scale machine in an egg tray production line. Driven by high-speed revolution motion, this machine can break scrap paper into paper pulp through shearing and rubbing. There are some sieve plates at the bottom of the pulper, which help screen the broken fiber. After screening, the acceptable fiber is stored into the pulp pool, while the impurities, such as nails, rags, etc. are removed out. In an integrated pulping system, metal storage pulp tank replaces the pulp pool. The hydraulic pulper connects with the pulp tank through pulp pumps.

A good hydraulic pulper can produce smooth and even paper pulp, which is conducive to making high-quality molded pulp products. On the other hand, a well-performed hydraulic pulper can decrease the labor input and energy consumption. The machine employed in our pulping system is with stable and strong pulping ability.

Pulp Refiner

In order to improve the quality of pulp products, we don’t use the pulp in the storage tank for pulp forming machine directly. As a rule, we pump the pulp to the stirred tank first. Through stirring continuously, pulp refiner will fix the pulp and chemical additives evenly and smoothly. The processed paper pulp in the other pulp tank is ready for molding. Our designers have successfully arranged the important part of our integrated pulping system to save more space and beauty the appearance of the whole system.

best pulping system from Beston
Beston Integrated Pulping System

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Pulp Pump

It is not as large as the first two pieces of equipment. However, it also makes a great difference in pulping system. This machine is used to pump pulp between pulp tanks and pulp molding machine. There is no doubt that the egg tray production line cannot work smoothly without pumps. Our pumps are with stable property and sufficient power. Besides, the position of each pump is carefully planned. Thus, the integrated pulping system from Beston Machinery is nice to look and durable to use.

Moreover, all equipment provided in this system is of excellent quality. With the mature process, fine paper pulp can be supplied with fewer workers and less energy consumption. Just as always, our company tries to make each detail about the egg tray making machine perfect. And we have various egg tray machine for sale. If you are interested, please contact us without hesitation.

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