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Indian Customer Visited Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Line

Last month, a four-sided egg tray making machine from Beston was under use in India, which attracted much attention locally. Since the egg tray machine in India is a very profitable and promising business, we received another Indian customer on July 30th and 31st.

This customer planned to start an egg tray manufacturing business with the capacity of 5000 to 6000 pieces per hour. According to his requirements, our sales manager and engineer introduced the egg tray making process in details and also recommend him with the suitable equipment. After that, we showed him the test egg tray production line in the factory. And our customer was very satisfied with the performance of our machines when he knew the production line has been under operation for about 8 years. Finally, it is appreciative that our customer kindly shared his local market information with us. Both of us are looking forward to the further cooperation.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Line
Indian Customer Visited Beston Egg Tray Factory
Egg Tray Manufacturing Business Plan
Talking About Egg Tray Manufacturing Business Plan

Why Is Egg Tray Making Machine in India Promising?

According to the market research, it is wise to invest in a paper egg tray machine in India. Here are the reasons.

1. There is a large population in India, which means there is a vast market of egg trays.

2. There are rich and cheap raw materials. Egg tray making machine recycles waste paper and agricultural wastes, which can be found everywhere.

3. You have low labor force costs and fuel expenses in India. All in all, cheap costs and wide application make egg tray production line profitable to invest.

4. Egg tray manufacturing line is an eco-friendly industry, which will be good for the Indian environment. For this reason, you may be supported by the public and local government.

Beston will provide you with the specific egg tray manufacturing project report, the top-quality equipment and full after-sales service. Welcome to contact us!

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