How to Make Egg Trays From Waste Paper

How to make egg trays from waste paper is the major concern of investors. To understand the egg tray making process will help you purchase a cost-effective egg tray machine. Beston Machinery has been engaged in pulp molding machines for more than 15 years. We hope our professional teams and rich experience can help you.

What Is An Egg Tray Machine?

This is the first question we should make clear about how to make egg trays from waste paper. We can see various egg trays in the supermarket when we buy eggs. Except for different designs and sizes, there are trays made of different materials, such as plastic egg trays, paper egg trays, and even wood egg trays. Among them, paper egg tray is getting popular because of its advantageous features. For instance, it is light in weight. On the other hand, it is a kind of absolutely environment-friendly packaging product. In addition, it is easy to produce a lot of paper egg trays in a very short time by means of egg tray making machines from Beston.

How to make egg trays from waste paper
Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Process

Egg Tray Manufacturing Process—How to Make Egg Trays From Waste Paper

Obviously, paper egg trays are made of paper pulp. To put it simply, egg tray making process contains breaking scrap paper into pulp, forming pulp into paper trays, drying wet trays, and packing the end products.  However, it is more complex about how to make egg trays from waste paper.

First Step— Making  Pulp

The first step is to break waste paper, such as old newspaper, old cartons into paper pulp. Beston can supply you a complete and powerful egg tray pulping system, including a hydraulic pulper, a pulp refiner, pulp pumps, water pumps, etc. In addition, our engineers can help you to finish the construction works according to the real conditions of your plants. We can also provide an integrated pulping system for small-scale egg tray making machines, which takes less space and construction works.

Second Step—Forming Trays

This is the key section of an overall pulp molding production line. The prepared pulp will be transferred through pumps into pulp molding equipment. With the use of vacuum pump and air compressor, paper pulp is molded in forming molds. Different pulp products can be formed by means of different molding dies. Then the transfer molds will demold the wet trays. In general, a good paper egg tray making machine can complete this section by itself smoothly. Thus, it is crucial to choose a paper pulp tray making machine. While Beston Machinery is a nice choice for you.

Third Step—Drying Trays

Beston offers four different drying modes with different automation levels.  By the way, the automation degree of an egg tray production line often refers to its drying system. Semi-automatic egg tray machines always employ natural drying or brick drying line with carts; while the full-automatic ones often use a conveyor belt. Which one is the best? It depends on many factors, such as your investment costs, the output of your paper tray making machine, etc. It sounds complex. However, Beston will supply you the most suitable solution. In addition, we have improved the structure of our drying line to make full use of the heat inside so that your costs are more cost-effective.

Fourth Step—Packing Trays Up

After drying, you can stack the end products up for sale. We have different equipment according to different requirements. The commonly used machines include hot press, packing machine, counter, etc.  Among them, a hot press can make the appearance of end products smoother and more beautiful. While customers often adopt a packer to stack egg trays compactly so that it is easy to transport and store. Moreover, a counter is used to count the trays to improve the working efficiency. All in all, we can supply whatever you need. Better yet, the whole process is free from contamination.

If you have any questions about how to make egg trays from waste paper, welcome to contact us!

Integrated Pulping System for Small Egg Tray Machine
Integrated Pulping System

Why Choose Beston Paper Egg Tray Production Line?

You have already known how to make egg trays from waste paper. You may find that the working process from various companies is the same. However, Beston Machinery is a model of numerous egg tray machine manufacturers. Here are some features which make clients trust us.

1.We supply top-quality paper tray making machines.

Beston Machinery has committed to manufacturing paper egg tray machines for more than 15 years. We are now a one-stop source where you can get both pulp molding equipment and other related attachments, such as pulper, drying room, hot press. All these equipment and construction works are provided according to the scale of pulp forming machine. In addition, we adopt mature mechanical technologies to greatly reduce your energy consumption. Thanks to our exclusive design team, we also supply apple tray machine, shoe tray making machine, etc. You can customize on the basis of your needs.

2.We have rich experience in exporting.

Throughout these years, we have operated in more than 30 countries around the world. We have a professional sales team to offer you pre-sales and after-sales service. To make you enjoy partnering with us is what we always do and insist to do in the future.

3.We offer you the best egg tray machine price.

Of course, the cost of a paper pulp molding machine is the major part. However, it is not the only factor you should take into consideration. Together with low maintenance cost and low failure rate, Beston egg tray making machine costs much less.

To sum up, it is good for the environment to invest a paper egg tray making machine. Besides, the entire process is easy and safe to operate. Machines will do the most work instead human beings. For example, at most 9 workers can run the entire process, while the output can reach up to 9000 pieces per hour. Do you want an egg tray making machine? Contact us right now. We will never let you down.

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