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Feedback on Beston Egg Tray Machine in Iraq

A customer from Iraq sent Beston a video of his egg tray production line in February 2022. And this customer gave good feedback on our egg tray machine. This customer purchased Beston BTF1-4 machine in 2021. And we have already arranged shipments last year. The customer chose to install it online. Under the guidance of our technicians, the equipment was installed smoothly. And the device works without problems.

This customer purchased a standard egg tray line and a custom brick drying line. And the whole egg tray production line in Iraq has belt conveyor, high automation and less labor demand. In addition, it can be seen from the video that customers have special requirements for the final egg tray produced. Egg trays are purple because of the addition of color additives.

Other Good Feedback from Customers

Here is a customer from Indonesia who also expressed a good opinion of Beston’s egg tray machines and services. This customer purchased a BTF4-4. This set of egg tray machine was installed between October 2020 and January 2021. This customer successfully installed the equipment under the online guidance of our engineer Wu. The main coaching work and results of our engineers can be seen in the following document. And the customer also expressed his satisfaction with our service and machine in this feedback form.

Feedback from a Customer in Indonesia on BTF-4-4 Egg Tray Machine
Feedback from a Customer in Indonesia on BTF-4-4 Egg Tray Machine

Note: We display this form on the website with the consent of this customer.

Also, we have received other good reviews from other customers. We will not show them all here. If you wanna see them, contact us. After obtaining the consent of the client, we will show it to you. We offer seven models and two egg tray drying lines. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us as soon as possible and leave detailed information on our web.

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