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Egg Tray Raw Material

Egg tray is a kind of protective packaging product, which is often used to place eggs. For one thing, it makes eggs easy to carry and store. For the other thing, a well-designed egg tray will help you sell more eggs. Today we can find various egg trays on the market. As for the egg tray raw material, there are paper egg trays, plastic egg trays, expanded polyethene (EPE) trays, etc. Among them, paper pulp trays are getting popular. Beston Group supplies paper egg tray making machines at various specifications. Moreover, we can also make egg carton machine for sale, apple tray making machines, etc. to order. Welcome to contact us!

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine From Beston
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Characteristics of Each Kind of Egg Tray Raw Material

Paper Egg Tray

Paper egg tray is made of paper pulp, which often recycles waste paper, such as old newspaper, old cardboard boxes, used books, etc. Owing to rich and cheap egg tray raw material resources, its price is much lower than that of others. In addition, paper egg trays are biodegradable and lightweight. A good-quality egg tray machine can produce egg trays with great stiffness and durability. Together with these superior advantages, paper egg trays are the most commonly used. That is to say, there will be a huge market to invest an egg tray machine. Furthermore, Beston also provides pulp molding equipment for fruit trays, shoe trays, cup trays, etc. With our professional sales and design team, you will get the best investment plan. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Paper Egg Tray Cheap Egg Tray Raw Material
Paper Egg Tray

Plastic Egg Tray

Plastic is often applied to make colorful and elegant egg trays. However, plastic egg trays are costly so that they often appear in some fancy supermarkets. Due to its non-degradation, plastic egg tray will be replaced soon. In order to protect our environment, please try to use fewer plastic things.

EPE Egg Tray

Compared with the first two kinds of egg trays, EPE egg trays are rare. Because EPE is also non-degradable and it is too soft to hold eggs. But EPE is good to prevent moisture. That’s why EPE is also employed as a kind of egg tray raw material.

It is obvious that paper pulp is the best egg tray raw material. Furthermore, we provide a powerful pulping system to make fine pulp. On this basis, our designers design exquisite egg tray molds to meet higher requirements of customers. Moreover, our paper egg tray machine adopts the most advanced technology to utilize energy completely. Better yet, there is no pollution during the entire egg tray working process. Do you want high returns with low costs? Contact us now. You will enjoy choosing Beston, which is an experienced paper egg tray machine manufacturer in China.

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