Egg Tray Molding Machine to Russia

A customer from Russia came to visit our factory last month. Our sales manager and engineering director proposed the most suitable solution after analyzing his conditions carefully. Finally, he purchased our BTF-5-12 egg tray molding machine. BTF-5-12 is the largest paper tray machine among our existing products. We provide both semi-automatic and full-automatic egg tray machines. The hourly output of the former is more than 6000 pieces, while the production of the latter reaches up to 9000 pieces/h. We will give you our sincere advice on the basis of your investment costs, available fuels, plant size, etc. You will enjoy patterning with us, just like all our customers.

Beston egg tray molding machine supplier
Russian Client Visited Beston Factory
professional team for egg tray making machine
Shipping BTF-5-12 Egg Tray Molding Machine

Advantages of Beston Egg Tray Molding Machine

1.Multiple machine sizes

In addition to twelve-side egg tray making machines, we also have single-side, four-side, eight-side pulp forming machines. The output varies from 1000 to 9000 pieces each hour. Moreover, we offer different drying and packing systems, which decide the automation level of an egg tray production line. You can choose the most suitable type according to your conditions.

2.Various machine designs

Except for egg tray making machines, we have various pulp molding machines for sale, such as egg box making machine, apple tray machine, etc. On this basis, we have detachable molding dies to reduce your costs greatly. And it is easy and safe to operate. You can make various pulp molding products with the same machine. It is wise to invest an egg tray molding machine from Beston.

3.Low egg tray making machine costs

We believe that we can maximize your return on investment. For one thing, we will give you the best egg tray machine price. For the other thing, you can save much money on maintenance, labor force, floor space, etc.

4.High working efficiency and low energy consumption

We employ the most advanced power system to fully utilize energy. That’s why our egg tray machine can produce more without increasing energy consumption. Besides, there is no more pollution during the whole egg tray working process.

5.Great stability and low failure rate

Our products are made of durable materials. More importantly, we have committed to improving the control system of the entire pulp molding production line. At the same time, the failure rate is low because we have the best design team.

To sum up, Beston Machinery is the best choice if you want an egg tray molding machine. Welcome to contact us!

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