Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg tray making machine is the basic product of a paper pulp molding machinery. It is used to make paper egg trays from waste paper, such as old books, old newspaper, etc. As a leading manufacturer in packing machinery industry, Beston Machinery can provide all clients with top-quality paper egg tray making machine at the best price. Moreover, thanks to our designers, we can also make egg carton machine for sale, apple tray making machine, shoe tray machine at different specifications. Finally, our products are triumphantly exported around the world with the feature of reliable quality, high automation, and precise technology. Considering the interests of customers in the first place, we do our utmost to improve the quality of our pulp molding equipment and provide complete after-sales services with fewer investment costs.  Do not hesitate to contact us!

Different Specifications

Beston one-sided egg tray machine for sale

Single-sided Egg Tray Machine for Sale

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small paper egg tray making machine

Four-sided Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

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Eight-sided Egg Tray Machine Price

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Beston paper egg tray machine for sale

Twelve-sided Paper Egg Tray Machine

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Beston Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

With a great deal of experience, we have a series of egg tray making machines with various capacities for sale. The number of molds on each side is from 3 to 6. We have created single-sided rotary pulp molding machine, four-sided, eight-sided and twelve-sided machine. With the operating speed of 7 to 32 times per minute, the hourly output of paper tray forming machine ranges from 1000 pieces to 9000 pieces. Compared to the egg tray machine price, the return is satisfactory.

  • Single-side Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Small egg tray making machine from Beston for sale
One-side Egg Tray Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-1000 1000 3 33 kw 3-5 60 kg
BTF-1500 1500 4 49 kw 4–6 87 kg
BTF-2000 2000 6 37 kw 4-6 120 kg

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This series of equipment is often grouped into small egg tray machine. The occupied area of the main plant is small and the cost of investment is low. Thus, it is popular for family workshops. The production ranges from 1000 pieces to 2000 pieces per hour. Natural drying is advantageous to reduce the investment costs.

  • Four-side Rotary Egg Tray Making Machine

four-side egg tray making machine from Beston
Beston Four-side Egg Tray Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-3-4 1800-3000 12 40 kw 4–6 100-200 kg
BTF-4-4 2200-2500 16 65 kw 4–6 110-175 kg

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There are 12 to 16 molding dies involved in this series of equipment. The operating speed is 10 times per minute. The output is from 1800 pieces to 3000 pieces per hour. The overall dimension of the pulp molding machine covers 3.1×3.7×3m. Among them, natural drying can be employed in the pulp molding production line with BTF-3-4. While the production will be greatly increased with an automatic drying line.

  • Eight-side Egg Tray Forming Machine

Betson eight-side egg tray making machine for sale
Beston Eight-side Egg Tray Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Ppower Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-3-8 2000-4000 24 72 kw 5-7 110-260 kg
BTF-4-8 4500-6500 32 85 kw 5-7 110-260 kg
BTF-5-8 5000-7000 40 110 kw 5-7 270-450 kg

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The overall dimension of this series of equipment is 3.3×2.6×2.7m. As a rule, we provide brick and metal dry line. The operating speed varies from 18 to 29 times each minute. There are 24 to 40 molding dies used by egg tray making machine. Except for the number of molds, the automation level has an effect on the output as well.

  • Twelve-side Egg Tray Molding Machine

Twelve-side egg tray making machine for sale from Beston
Beston Twelve-side Egg Tray Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-4-12 5000-7000 48 160 kw 5-8 300-600 kg
BTF-5-12 6000-9000 60 180 kw 6-9 350-750 kg

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With 48 to 60 molding dies, the hourly production ranges from 5000 pieces to 9000 pieces. In terms of the large output, a drying system with conveyor belt is advisable. The operating speed is from 18 to 32 times every minute. And the overall dimension is 3.5×3.7×3 m. In general, this egg tray production line is featured with high yield and high automation.

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Costs

Reasonable Egg Tray Making Machine Price

Beston Machinery has introduced advanced technology and high-quality designers to provide the best egg tray machine at a fair price. As for the customers who are interested in our products, we will give them suitable suggestions after analyzing their situations.  We will take the local market conditions, the required supporting facilities, etc. into consideration. Besides, we have illustrated the parameters in detail, including the consumption of water, waste paper, fuel, and labor force. In addition, we will design the layout and pipelines in detail based on the scale of the plant.

High-quality Paper Pulp Moulding Machine

More importantly, not only the egg tray making machine, but also our complete pulp molding production line is of high quality and stable performance. In addition, we have strictly tested and controlled all the equipment, including the pulp making equipment, pulp molding machine, drying and packing devices. As always, we focus on making full use of all the resources to maximize the profits.

We Beston will provide you with the best egg tray making machine at the best price!

Complete Pre-sale and After-sale Service

As for first-time buyers, we will supply them specific installation instructions and training. Our architects will design each section based on the features of your workshop. You can also obtain the direct guidance from our engineers at any time. Moreover, each part of our egg tray manufacturing line is within one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

egg tray making machine in Algeria
Algerian Customer Visited Beston

Mexican Customer in Beston Factory for Egg Tray Making Machine
Mexican Customer in Beston Factory

Development of Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

With the increasing consuming level, people are demanding upmarket packing products. The protective package has got a new role in making goods fancy. Except for fragile food, more products go with high-end packages. That’s why the packaging industry is absolutely booming. However, the simple egg tray making machine cannot satisfy the various requirements. Thus, we have manufactured a variety of pulp molding equipment for sale, including fruit tray manufacturing machine, shoe tray making machine and egg box making machine.

Prospects of Egg Tray Making Machine

In the other hand, the pollution caused by plastic packing products has been a major social problem. The import of polystyrene packing products has been prohibited by laws in some areas and countries, like Europe, America, Japan, etc. There is no doubt that it is urgent to get a substitute for the sake of protecting the resource and the environment.

Wide Pulp Molding Market

Pulp molded products, a kind of eco-friendly packing products, will play a dominant part in the future market. As the forerunner of pulp molding industry, egg tray making machine becomes popular soon. Some foreign-funded enterprises in China have adopted pulp molded shockproof packing products. Products molded by paper pulp are applied in a wide range of industry, such as appliances, communication equipment, ceramics, art wares, etc.

End products of Beston egg tray making machine
Various End Products from Beston

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 Free Contamination

With the development of the world economy, the environmental awareness has greatly increased. At the same time, more laws and policies are proposed to support pulp molding industry. As a degradable packing material, pulp products will certainly have an extensive prospect. The paper pulp moulding machine from Beston Machinery is free of contamination. Furthermore, our products can utilize the energy fully and repeatedly. In the long run, the total costs are much more worthwhile. Thus, it is a wise choice to invest a pulp molding production line from us.

Here is a video about the entire egg tray manufacturing process.

History of Pulp Molding Production Line

First Introduction

Pulp molding industry has emerged for more than 80 years in many developed countries, such as Canada, America, France, Denmark, Iceland, England. In 1984, an autonomic egg tray making machine was introduced from France to China. It was the beginning of Chinese pulp molding industry. In 1988, we have independently researched and developed the first egg tray production line in China. However, the molded pulp products were simply egg trays, bottle trays, fruit trays before 1993, which could not meet the various demands of customers. With the development of economy, eco-friendly packing became more popular.

Further Development

In recent years, molded pulp products have been widely used to protect electronic devices, hardware tools, communication tools, cosmetics, etc. As a kind of cushioning material, pulp molded products have quickly replaced polystyrene packing with the advantage of reasonable price and biodegradation. Since 1995, paper pulp disposable tableware has made a great difference in Chinese pulp molding industry. Pulp molding production line becomes more mature. With low investment risks and high profits, there is no doubt that egg tray making machine is an ideal and promising project.

Beston has been engaged in egg tray machinery for about 20 years. In addition to advanced technology, we also have rich experience in exporting. Welcome to contact us!

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