Egg Tray Machine With Metal Drying Line in Mali

Several days ago, we have received a video from our customers from Mali. From the video, we know that the egg tray machine has been put into use smoothly. Even more exciting, our customers spoke highly of our product and service. As they said, they are very satisfied with the egg tray quality and the easy-to-operate making process.

BTF-4-4 Egg Tray Machine in Mali
Metal Egg Tray Drying Line in Mali

That is a four-sided paper egg tray making machine with the output of 2200 to 2500 pieces each hour. Because they employ a single-layer metal drying line, the whole production line is more efficient and easier to operate. As we can see, there is only one worker to pack the dried egg trays up at the end of the drying line.

Introduction of Egg Tray Drying Line

There are 4 different drying systems for the different egg tray production lines. They are natural drying line, brick drying line with carts, brick drying line with conveyor belt, metal drying line with a conveyor belt. And we can provide both single-layer and multilayer metal drying lines. In general, natural drying line and brick drying line with carts are suitable for small-scale egg tray machines with the output of fewer than 2000 pieces/h. While the latter two drying systems can be used with all models, especially the metal drying line.

Advantages of Metal Drying Line

Among the various egg tray drying systems, metal drying line is favoured by investors for its advantageous features:

1. Compact structure to save space.

2. Easy and safe to transport, install and operate to save labor force input.

3. High working efficiency to reduce your fuel costs.

4. Great appearance design.

5. Long service life to save your maintenance cost.

6. Wide application. If there is no brick in your area, you need a metal drying line.

That’s why it is very popular among investors, even though it is expensive.

All in all, Beston Group has rich experience in manufacturing and exporting egg tray machines. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us!

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