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Egg Tray Machine FAQs

Raw Materials

What is Egg Tray Made of?

The raw materials for making egg trays are notebooks, magazines, A4 paper, newspaper, used egg trays, recycled paper products, cardboard.

Does Components of Paper Have Influence for Egg Trays?

Yes. Beston will tell you the paper difference for make pulp trays. Besides, the quality of paper trays can be controlled.

Paper Trays

What is Proportionality of Raw Materials?

Paper Waste : Water = 20-30% : 70 – 80%

How Many Eggs are in a Tray?

There are two standards egg trays: 24 holes egg trays and 30 holes egg trays. In addition, we also provide molds for make quail egg trays, duck egg trays, goose egg trays, turkey egg trays, etc. We offer customized services. Just leave your requirement.

Does Egg Tray Plant Produce other Trays Besides Egg Trays?

Yes, like egg crates, quail egg carton, shoe trays, seedling trays, packaging trays, wine trays, bottle trays, coffee cup trays.

What additives are Used in the Egg Tray Making Process?

None. Add the additives to make egg trays water-proof when you have this need.

How to Make Colored Paper Trays?

Add pigment to change egg tray color.

Does the Machine Make Transparent Tray?

No, neither for plastic egg trays. Just make paper egg tray.

How Much Does an Egg Tray Cost?

When you send the market data in your region, Beston will give you an accurate report.

How to Manufacture Egg Trays?

Egg tray making process is divided into four procedures, including pulping, molding, drying and packing process. See the manufacturing process there.

Are Egg Trays Biodegradable?

Of course. Paper waste is a green waste to make second value.

What are the Benefits in Using Egg Tray?

Firstly, protect eggs in transportation and storage. Secondly, make eggs more valuable.


What are Raw Materials of Molds?

Plastic and aluminum.

Materials Life Span Guarantee
Plastic Above 2 years 1 year
Aluminum Above 3 years 2 years

How Much is the Egg Tray Molds?

It depends on the machine capacity and mold materials. Contact us to get details.

Egg Tray Production

What are Capacity of Egg Tray Making Machine?

Its capacity range from 2500-9000pieces/h. See pulp molded machine parameters there.

How Much Space is Required for The Whole Line?

It is influenced by several factors, like models, dryer, layout design. Contact us to get the optimized business plan.

How Much Expense for the Whole Production Line?

Above $ 8000 USD. Contact us to get detailed price list.

Is There Any Negotiation for the Egg Tray Machine Price?

Yes. Sometimes, Beston will hold some activities and offer discounts, like traditional festival. Leave your demand to us.


How Many Drying Ways Does Beston Suggest?

A way. Metal dryer. Know more about Beston egg tray dryer.

What are Heating Fuels When Drying?

Metal dryer: natural gas, diesel.

Where to Collect Egg Trays Finally?

When using metal dryer, egg trays are collected at the start point.


How Many Days Can Egg Tray Making Machine be Shipped?

For standard equipment, pulp molding machine will be shipped in 45 working days. For customized equipment, in 60 working days.

How Much is the Delivery Fee?

Leave your location and we will tell you.


How Many Days Does the Installment Spend?

It depends on models and dryers. Normally, they are installed completely in 25-45 working days. This data is just for reference.

Can Beston Assist Customers to Instal the Machine?

Of course. We will dispatch engineers to assist installment process. Besides, we also offer installment guidance videos online.

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