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Egg Tray Machine in Algeria

Beston Group is a leading paper pulp egg tray machine manufacturer and exporter in China. We have developed a complete and various pulp molding production line. Since our establishment, we have partnered with many customers from more than 20 countries, such as Algeria. In 2016, other egg tray machine Algeria customer visited Beston factory and purchased our BTF4-8 egg tray making machine. Through analyzing his conditions comprehensively, we recommended him a metal drying line with a multilayer conveyor. Then our engineers helped him to design and finish the installation work of drying room soon. Our top-quality products and service won more trust from our clients.  Once he started to make egg trays, he mailed the first end products to us.

Algerian Checked BTF4-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine at the Factory

Algeria customer visited Beston professional egg tray machine supplier
BTF4-8 Egg Tray Machine for Algeria Customer
Egg Trays from Algeria Customer
End Products from Algeria Customer

Uniqueness of Small Paper Egg Tray Making Machines

Acceptable Investment Costs

The cost of egg tray machine is of great concern to investors. Compared with large and fully automatic ones, small egg tray making machines are much cheaper. In addition to the paper egg tray making machine price, it also requires fewer raw materials and smaller occupied area. Overall speaking, it is much acceptable for small-scale or first investors.

Low Labor Force Input

It is easy and safe to operate a pulp molding production line. About 5 workers are enough to handle the whole manufacturing process. In addition, we provide fully-automatic pulping, drying and packing system for small egg tray machines as well. Taking our customers an example, a family can run a small-scale egg tray making plant easily. Just choose what you like.

Moreover, our pulp molding production line is green and eco-friendly. It recycles scrap paper to save more trees. Better yet, there is nothing pollution during the entire process. That’s why we can sell our egg tray making machine to Algeria again and again. Furthermore, we have developed a complete and sophisticated production line. We can also make fruit tray, seedling tray, shoe tray making machines to order. If you want more details about our egg tray production line, please contact us!

A Professional Egg Tray Machine Manufacturer —Beston

About Products:

1. High-quality Mechanical Equipment

We have rich experience in producing paper pulp tray making machine so that we have mastered the key related technology. Moreover, all our products are strictly tested and certificated.

2. Various and Flexible Options

We have a mature egg tray production line to provide you each part individually or completely. In addition to egg tray making machine, we can make pulp molding equipment for egg cartons, shoe trays, fruit trays, trays for electronic products to order. Our molding dies are easy to dismount. Besides, we have different specifications. The hourly yield ranges from 2500 to 9000 pieces. You can customize the types and size you want.

Pre-sales Service:

We will honestly offer you the best investment plan according to your actual conditions, including your local weather, available fuels, workers, factory space, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy a really reasonable price of our paper pulp forming machine.

After-sales Service:

We can assign you our skillful technicians to install the equipment and train workers. During the service life, our engineers will keep inspecting the properties.

Beston promises to do more than products. Just like our egg tray machine Algeria clients, we believe that you will never regret to cooperate with us.

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