Egg Carton Making Machine

Egg carton making machine is developed with the needs of high-end protective packages. People require egg cartons to protect eggs in fancy department stores or supermarkets. Complying with the request, Beston Machinery designs egg carton machine for sale with various specifications.  As a model among numerous egg tray machine manufacturers,  we always commit to optimizing the egg carton manufacturing process. Gradually, we have developed a mature and complete paper egg tray production line so that our products are successfully exported to many countries.  In addition to egg box making machine for sale, we also have a variety of pulp molding equipment for shoe traysseedling trays, fruit trays, etc. On the basis of our sophisticated design and durable texture, we believe we can meet all your requirements. Welcome to contact us!

Paper Egg Box
Paper Egg Box

Beston egg carton molds | egg box making machine
Beston Egg Carton Molds

Beston Egg Carton Machine for Sale

Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale
One-sided Egg Carton Making Machine from Beston

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-1000 1000 3 33 kw 3-5 60 kg
BTF-1500 1500 4 49 kw 4–6 87 kg
BTF-2000 2000 6 37 kw 4-6 120 kg

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Egg Carton Machine for Sale
Beston Four-sided Egg Carton Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-3-4 1800-3000 12 40 kw 4–6 100-200 kg
BTF-4-4 2200-2500 16 65 kw 4–6 110-175 kg

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Eight-sided Egg Carton Manufacturing Machine
Beston 8-sided Egg Carton Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Ppower Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-3-8 2000-4000 24 72 kw 5-7 110-260 kg
BTF-4-8 4500-6500 32 85 kw 5-7 110-260 kg
BTF-5-8 5000-7000 40 110 kw 5-7 270-450 kg

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Egg Carton Making Machine
Beston 12-sided Egg Carton Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output


Mold Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h
BTF-4-12 5000-7000 48 160 kw 5-8 300-600 kg
BTF-5-12 6000-9000 60 180 kw 6-9 350-750 kg

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Under years of experience, we have well-developed egg box making machine for sale. Although our products employ the most precise and sophisticated molding dies, we can also provide you with the best egg carton machine price. Moreover, the quality can fully meet the needs of domestic and overseas customers. That’s why Beston has obtained much praise from customers around the world. But we never stop our research for the purpose of being a model for the pulp molding machine manufacturers in China.

Features of Beston Egg Box Making Machine

  1. Easy and safe operation and maintenance.
  2. High output and high return.
  3. Detachable pulp molding dies.
  4. Good stability and long service life.
  5. Low failure rate.
  6. Customized design.

More Parameters of Beston Paper Egg Carton Making Machines

Model Output


Mold Total Power Labor Force Paper Consumption/h Vacuum Pulper



BTF-1000 1000 3 33 kw 3-5 60 kg 7.5 kw 7.5 kw 5.5 kw
BTF-1500 1500 4 49 kw 4–6 87 kg 11 kw 7.5 kw 16 kw
BTF-2000 2000 6 37 kw 4-6 120 kg 11 kw 7.5 kw 7.5 kw
BTF-3-4 1800-3000 12 40 kw 4–6 100-200 kg 18 kw 7.5 kw 15 kw
BTF-4-4 2200-2500 16 65 kw 4–6 110-175 kg 22 kw 7.5 kw 19 kw
BTF-3-8 2000-4000 24 72 kw 5-7 110-260 kg 29 kw 7.5 kw 19 kw
BTF-4-8 4500-6500 32 85 kw 5-7 110-260 kg 29 kw 7.5 kw 19 kw
BTF-5-8 5000-7000 40 110 kw 5-7 270-450 kg 47 kw 22 kw 21 kw
BTF-4-12 5000-7000 48 160 kw 5-8 300-600 kg 55 kw 22 kw 26 kw
BTF-5-12 6000-9000 60 180 kw 6-9 350-750 kg 75 kw 30 kw 37 kw


      1. We figure out the parameters above on the basis of egg trays of 0.1 kg.
      2. The differences of the same model mainly have to do with the drying system.
      3. We can produce various paper pulp molding machines to order.

Beston supplies a complete and top quality egg carton production line. Wanna more details?

Egg Carton Making Machine Price

  • Cheap Egg Carton Manufacturing Machine

We have developed a series of high-quality pulp molding equipment on the basis of egg tray making machine. Similarly, we can adjust the specifications of egg box making machine as required. The output ranges from 1000 to 9000 pieces per hour, which also greatly affects the egg carton making machine price. However, our company aims to maximize the return on investment. You can get the best egg carton machine price from us.

  • Demountable Molding Dies

More importantly, we make the molding dies demountable to largely reduce the investment costs. In other words, you can manufacture more than one kinds of pulp molding products at the cost of an egg carton making machine. Combining with the costs of raw materials, workers, energy, the price of a paper egg carton making machine from Beston Machinery is more acceptable.

Just tell us what you want, we will give you the best solution according to your space, labor force, fuels, etc. Beston will never let you down.

egg carton making machine from Beston
Beston Egg Carton Mold

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Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

Based on the knowledge of paper egg tray making machine, the manufacturing process of egg cartons is simple to understand and operate. Generally, they share the same basic procedure and most equipment. Here are the similarities between egg tray making machine and egg carton making machine.

A. Similar Working Process

In an egg carton manufacturing process, we turn waste paper into pulp molded products through pulping, molding, drying and packing. By means of hydraulic pulper and pulp refiner, raw materials become paper pulp for molding. Then the prepared pulp is pressed and formed in pulp molding equipment with the help of air compressor.  Through the vacuum pump and transfer mold, we remove the wet products out of forming mold easily. This working process ends with drying and packing. Here is a video of the egg carton making process.

B. Similar Mechanical Equipment

The main machines include hydraulic pulper, pulp refiner, paper pulp moulding machine, air compressor, vacuum pump, drying, and packing equipment. They are necessary for egg carton manufacturing machine as well. All equipment from our company is under warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Besides, you will get the best egg carton machine price from Beston.

C. Various Mold Types

Both the egg tray and egg carton share the semblable working process. As for an egg carton making machine, it is also easy to operate and maintain. The similarities make it possible to produce various products, including egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, shoe trays with the same pulp molding production line.

Egg Carton Making Machine VS Egg Tray Making Machine

With the similar working process and equipment, why can we make different products? Here are some influencing factors.

  • Different Molding Dies

This is the most important difference. It matters the end products of a production line. For instance, we have seedling tray manufacturing machine, apple tray making machine, etc.

  • Different Quality Requirements

There are different demands on their appearance and stiffness of end products on different occasions. Thus, the pulp for making egg tray and egg carton is a little bit different.

  • Different Packing Equipment

We commonly employ a hot press to reshape the product before stacking up.

Beston supplies a complete egg carton production line. More details?

Hot press for egg carton making machine
Beston Hot Press for Egg Carton

 Special Requirements for Egg Carton Molds

  • Unique Design

The main difference between making egg trays and egg cartons lies in the pulp molding equipment. To be more exact, the design of molding dies determines the shape of pulp molded products. In comparison, the design of egg carton mold is more exquisite and difficult because of the higher since the quality standard. There is no doubt that design is the focus of all egg carton machine manufacturers.

  • Influencing Factors

There are many influencing factors on the quality of an egg carton making machine. When we design an egg tray mold, we should make sure the size of groove fit the size of eggs exactly. While an egg carton is made up of a lid and a grooving surface. It suggests that we should take the size, thickness, the edges, and the jointed parts into account when design an egg carton mold. In addition, the lid is expected to perfectly fit with the bottom.

Although the design of egg carton making machine is complex, it doesn’t require more workers for molding system. Thanks to our excellent designers and skilled technicians, we have successfully resolved these key problems. And we have already developed a complete and automatic egg tray production line, which is highly praised by our clients all over the world.

Beston supplies a complete egg carton production line. Want more details?

Special Equipment Employed With Egg Carton Making Machine

In order to make our pulp molding products more dense and smoother, we often use a hot press machine improve the strength and toughness. It is more necessary for a paper egg carton machine. The temperature of a hot press can reach up to 200 degrees. Under the high heat, the surface and edge are pressed and trimmed smoothly. Meanwhile, it can greatly lessen the scraps of paper so that the pulp products are suitable for protecting electronic products. Thus, we commend a hot press machine for other pulp molding production line as well.

The egg carton manufacturing process is simple. In the working process, most parts are controlled and performed by machine. Thus, it is easy and safe to operate and maintain an egg carton making machine. Besides, our engineers will design and install on site. We can also provide professional training and inspection. Beston Machinery is your best option for an egg tray machine.

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