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Customers from the Philippines Visit Beston Pulp Molding Machinery

On July 5th, 2018, our customers from the Philippines came to our factory to visit the pulp molding production line on site. Before that, our sales managers made a presentation to explain the egg tray making process in details. Meanwhile, our engineers answered what the customers concerned. As expected, the clients were very pleased with our top-quality products and professional service and paid a deposit then and there. We are looking forward to installing another egg tray making machine in the Philippines soon.
egg tray factory
Customers from the Philippines Visited Beston Factory

Reasons for Investing Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine

Pulp molding machinery has been getting popular in recent years because of its advantageous features, such as eco-friendliness, wide applications, etc. Here are some reasons why people would like to invest an egg tray machine from BESTON GROUP CO., LTD..

1. Low Costs

Except for the reasonable egg tray making machine price, Beston will also provide you with an energy-saving production line. You can save money from both raw material and fuel.

2. High Returns

There are rich and cheap sources of raw materials. As you know, we can use waste paper as raw material, such as old newspapers, old books. However, pulp molding machines can recycle cheap raw materials into various pulp molded products, which are in great demand. Moreover, the output of Beston egg tray machine is amazing, which ranges from 2500 to 9000 pieces each hour.
Egg Tray Raw Material
Egg Tray Raw Material

3. Various Options

There is a complete range of specifications for egg tray making machines for sale. Besides, you can also customize the design, such as apple trays, bottle trays. In addition to various sizes and designs, we also supply manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic manufacturing lines.

4. Full Service

Except for all kinds of high-quality products, we will also offer you the best service. You will enjoy cooperating with us!

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