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Customers from Saudi Arabia Visit Beston for Egg Tray Machine

Last week, our customers from Saudi Arabia came to visit Beston Factory. After checking the egg tray production line in the factory, they were very satisfied and finally signed a contract with us. They ordered a BTF5-8 automatic egg tray making machine with a metal drying line. This will be an efficient production line, whose hourly capacity is more than 5000 pieces/h.

Saudi Arabia Customers in Beston Factory
Checking Egg Tray Production Line

How to Choose A Suitable Egg Tray Drying Line?

The egg tray manufacturing machine can be equipped with different drying systems according to the real conditions, including the fuels, space, etc. For now, there are four different drying systems to choose from. More importantly, Beston can customize the production line on the basis of your requirements. For example, we can use charcoal, coal, diesel, gas, etc. as fuels. So you’d better know clearly about the available and cheap fuels in your place when you choose an egg tray machine with a dryer. Meanwhile, we can design multi-layer drying line to save your space. Anyway, Beston will provide you with the most suitable business plan under considering your budget, scale, labor force, fuel, etc.

Signing the Contract
Customers from Saudi Arabia with Beston Sales Managers

In addition, Beston Group cooperates with many high-quality manufacturers of components, such as electrical equipment, etc. While we can also equip with the brand as customers required. What we do is to maximize your returns. If you want more details, please contact us now!

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