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Customer from Kuwait Visited Beston Egg Tray Machinery

Last week, our sales manager and engineer entertained a customer from Kuwait together, whom planed to buy egg tray making machines. During the visit, our client checked the test egg tray production line in the factory. And he showed great interest in the metal drying line. Meanwhile, our sales manager explained the egg tray making process in details, which made the customer satisfied. Moreover, there is a huge market of paper egg trays in Kuwait according to the survey. Hence, to invest an egg tray manufacturing line from BESTON GROUP CO., LTD. will be smart choice. We believe there will be a further cooperation soon.

Customer from Kuwait Visited Beston FactoryCustomer from Kuwait Visited Beston Factory
Customer from Kuwait Visited Beston Factory
Kuwait Customer in Beston Egg Tray Machinery
Kuwait Customer Visited Beston Egg Tray Machinery

Features of Beston Metal Drying Line

There are four different egg tray drying modes available, namely, natural drying, brick drying line with carts, brick drying line with a conveyor belt, and metal drying line. Here are some advantageous features of Beston metal drying line.

1. High Automation

Beston metal drying line is fully automatic. It is often equipped with a conveyor belt to save labor force input. Meanwhile, the working efficiency has been greatly improved.

2. High Energy Efficiency

The metal drying line is designed to make full use of the heat inside to reduce your fuel costs. Here is a video for your reference.

3. Space Saving

Compared to the brick drying line, the metal drying line can be multilayer to save more space. Also, it is easy to transport and install.

4. Nice Appearance

As shown in the pictures, the metal drying line from Beston is good-looking and well-structured.

Beston Metal Drying System for Sale
Beston Metal Drying System for Sale
Beston Automatic Egg Tray Drying Line
Beston Metal Drying Line

5. Customized Design

The metal drying line is suitable for egg tray machines with different specifications. Especially, if you have no bricks available, you’d better choose a metal drying line. More importantly, we will work out the most effective egg tray manufacturing business plan on the basis of your conditions, such as the fuel, scale, etc. Welcome to contact us!

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