Uganda Clients Buy BTF-4-4 Egg Tray Making Machine

Brick Drying Room From Uganda Clients

After visiting our factory, our Uganda clients purchased a four-sided egg tray making machine. Except for our high-quality product, we also provided them with a suitable solution according to their actual conditions. Our engineers proposed a specific design plan for the entire production line, including the layout, etc. Based on the blueprint, they completed all construction … Read more

BTF-4-8 for Honduras Customer

BTF-4-8 Egg Tray Machine for Honduras Customer

BTF-4-8 paper egg tray making machine is our best-selling product. In recent years, many customers around the world bought this type. Our Honduras customer also chose a BTF-4-8 machine. There are 32 forming molds and 4 transfer molds in total. The hourly production of a fully-automatic egg tray machine can reach up to 6500 pieces. … Read more