Egg Carton Machine to Spain

BTF-1-4 Egg Carton Machine to Spain

On September 2nd, a BTF-1-4 egg carton making machine was shipped to Spain. It is for making 6-shell egg cartons. The difference from the common BTF-1-4 egg tray machine is that it can make 8 egg crates every rotation. Except for 6-shell egg boxes, you can also custom the egg carton mold to make 12-shell … Read more

Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine to Ukraine

The paper coffee cup tray making machine for our Ukrainian customer was ready for shipping several days ago. This is a customized pulp molding machine to make paper coffee cup holders. And it can produce 1000 pieces of trays per hour. Meanwhile, our customer also purchased an integrated pulping system to save floor space and … Read more

Egg Tray Making Machine to Hungary

Egg Tray Making Machine to Hungary

Latest news! The four-sided egg tray making machine to Hungary is ready to be shipped. Because our customer chose a multi-layer metal drying line, it will be more convenient to install. Also, it will be more efficient and land-saving to lower your investment costs. Moreover, this is the second egg tray production line we installed … Read more