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BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine Installed in Colombia in 2022

In 2022, a set of BTF5-8 Beston egg tray making machine was successfully installed in Colombia. This machine makes 4500-5500 pieces of egg trays per hour. This set of machine was shipped in 2021. After receiving this set of machine, this customer contacted Beston to prepare the installation.

BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine Installed in Colombia in 2022
BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Colombia in 2021

BTF5-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine Installed in Colombia in 2022

This automatic egg tray making equipment is used to make 30-hole egg trays. In Colombia, there are some poultry farms that need large green paper egg trays. So, this customer ordered this machine to do egg ray making business. After receiving this machine, this customer was very pleased.

After making sure the details, Beston engineer gave this customer online installation guidance. Engineers adjusted the installation and equipment parameters according to the needs of customers. Beston was very grateful to customers for his cooperation. The whole installation process went very smoothly. The egg tray production line meets the needs of this customer.

Video of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine Installed in Colombia in 2022

This customer sent a running video after this project was runned for a period of time. This video shows the whole factory, including pulping line, molding line, stacking line, and dryinig line. The whole production line has high automation level and high efficiency. This line now.

Why Choose Metal Egg Tray Drying Line

This customer chose metal egg tray drying line learned from the above video. Compared with the brick dryer and the natural drying method, this customer finally chose this line. There are some reasons.

  • This line doesn’t require basic building. Its installation is quick.
  • This line has high drying efficiency. It could dry egg trays in 15-20 minutes;
  • This line could dry large egg trays one time;
  • This line requires 1-2 manual labor force.

After seeing this case, do you have an interest in Beston egg tray machines? Beston offers seven models with a capacity of 800-7000 pieces of paper trays. Moreover, Beston provides customized paper tray moulds and other processing lines. If customers have this need, contact us right now.

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