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BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Peru

In September 2021, Beston shipped BTF1-3 manual egg tray making machine to Peru. See the detailed information and some photos.

Specific Information of BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Peru
Model Capacity Molds Drying Method Final Products Business Scale
BTF1-3 800-1000pcs/h 3 Natural Drying Egg Trays Small
BTF1-3 Beston Manual Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Peru
BTF1-3 Beston Manual Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Peru
Packing Machine Shipped to Peru
BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Peru
Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Equipment Shipped to Peru

Why This Customer from Peru Need Manual Egg Tray Machine?

Reduce Uses of Plastic

In Peru, massive plastic is generated every year. Nearly 90% of waste is not recycled. Even some of them don’t be collected in landfills. Besides, this is a difficult issue for a government that how to treat plastic. In order to reduce the pollution of plastic to the environment, the government in Peru calls on people to reduce the use of plastic in daily life. All kinds of plastic trays can be replaced by paper trays, including egg trays, coffee cup trays, shoe trays, seedling trays, fruit trays.

Turn Recable Materials into Egg Trays

The waste utilization rate in Peru is low. It is a good investment to make egg trays from paper. Firstly, this business is helpful to improve the waste utilization rate. Secondly, investors can benefit from this business quickly. The whole production line is easy to install. Ane it can be put into production quickly.

A Small Quantity Materials Supply

This customer in Peru has a small quantity supply for paper waste. All kinds of paper waste nearly can be recycled and be used to make egg trays. The recommended kinds of materials are A4 paper, white paper, notebook, books. When this customer finishes the installment, Beston will show how to adjust paper pulp and make good-quality egg trays.

Besides this manual type, Beston also provides semi-automatic and fully automatic types. If you are interested, contact this reliable pulp molded machine manufacturer – Beston.

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