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BTF4-8 for Honduras Customer

BTF4-8 paper egg tray making machine is our best-selling product. In recent years, many customers around the world bought this type. Our Honduras customer also chose a BTF4-8 machine. There are 32 forming molds and 4 transfer molds in total. The hourly production of a fully-automatic egg tray machine can reach up to 6500 pieces. While the minimal output is also more than 4500 pieces/h. However, 5 to 7 workers each shift can run the whole process.

BTF4-8 Egg Tray Machine for Honduras Customer
Egg Tray Machine for Honduras Customer

Why Is BTF4-8 Egg Tray Making Machine So Popular?

1. Diverse drying modes.

Although this type of machine is not the largest, it is big enough. Both traditional drying line and iron belt drying line are available for this type. Customers can choose the suitable way according to their construction materials, fuels, labor force, etc.

2.Reasonable investment costs.

Generally speaking, the costs of a machine with this specification is acceptable, especially BTF4-8 from Beston Pulp Molding Machinery. We have adopted the most advanced technology to improve the working efficiency. Meanwhile, we tried to simplify its structure to increase the stability. That is to say, the costs for maintenance is much lower. Moreover, we have the best design team to provide the finest molding dies. Therefore, the failure rate of end products is largely reduced. In a long run, the egg tray machine price for BTF4-8 is cost-effective.

As for a family workshop, we often suggest them to buy a small-scale egg tray making machine, such as chicken farms. They are able to supply their own needs with a single-side rotary molding machine. However, BTF4-8 is more favored by professional manufactures for various pulp molded products. Given that, we have developed knocked down molding dies to greatly cut down the costs. In other words, you can produce various trays with the same pulp molding machine.

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