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Beston Business Trip to India in August

On August 8th, 2018, Beston sales managers arrived in New Delhi, India to visit our old and potential customers there. And they made significant progress on the first day of this trip. Here are some pictures.

Beston Sales in India
Beston Business Trip to India in August
Visit Indian Customers

Pulp Molding Machine & Egg Tray Making Machine — Main Products

Through the market research, the feature products for the Indian market include egg tray making machine and pulp molding equipment. Here are some main advantages.

1. Rich and cheap raw materials (waste paper or agricultural wastes).

2. Affordable investment costs while high returns.

3. Great demand for the end products.

4. Eco-friendly industry.

For these reasons, we believe it is profitable to invest in a paper egg tray making machine in India. Due to the great reputation around the world, BESTON GROUP CO., LTD. is regarded as a good partner. Here are the reasons for choosing Beston products.

Beston Egg Tray Machines for Sale

1. High-quality products. Beston has developed mature technology to provide you with the top quality pulp molding equipment and a complete egg tray manufacturing line. As our customers reflect, the egg tray making machine can be under normal operation for more than 5 years to save your investment costs. Meanwhile, we have simplified the structure to make full use of the energy to lower your fuel costs.

2. Reasonable egg tray machine price. Beston is an experienced egg tray machine manufacturer in China. With lower labor costs and mature technology, we can promise you a fair egg tray making machine price. Especially, together with the lower operating costs, the egg tray machine price is cost-effective.

3. Full service. From pre-sales, shipping, installation to after-sales service, you will enjoy cooperating with Beston.

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