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Automatic Pulp Molding Machine Installed in Russia

The project of BTF4-4 Beston pulp molding machine was set up in Russia in February 2021. This is not the first set of machines shipped to Russia. This customer found us online and see some good reviews. Then he tried to contact us. Through simple communication, we have a general understanding of his condition. And we provided him with several solutions. Finally, he chose this model to produce 2200-2500 pieces of 30-cell egg trays per hour.

BTF4-4 Automatic Pulp Molding Equipment Installed in Russia

BTF4-4 Automatic Pulp Molding Machine in Russia

BTF4-4 Beston Pulp Molding Machine Installed in Russia in 2021

After receiving the paper pulp molded machine, this customer contacted Beston. We helped this customer to install this line through video. Our engineers were well prepared. Engineers provided the solutions to customers quickly because of their rich experiences. And our engineers know this customer’s requirement well. Finally, this project was established successfully.

BTF4-4 Automatic Pulp Molding Machine Installed in Russia
BTF4-4 Automatic Pulp Molding Machine Installed in Russia

How Did This Customer Choose the Suitable Pulp Molding Equipment?

Firstly, this customer left a message to Beston. Then we inquired about his situation and needs in detail. The customer thought about these questions carefully and gave a detailed reply. Our solution team has listed several options based on his details and needs. Customers were very satisfied with them. At the same time, he felt confused. In the end, the client chose this option and made a deal with us.

The temperature where the customer is located is low and the humidity is high. This customer needed a paper egg tray drying line to speed up the egg tray drying. There are two options, including a brick drying line and a metal drying line. The brick drying line requires fundamental work. And the metal drying line has high-level automation. The Dryingness of both of them is great. This customer chose the brick drying line finally. Because he has enough workers and raw materials.

Besides, Beston provide other models, including BTF1-3, BTF1-4, BTF3-4, BTF4-8, BTF5-8, and BTF6-8. If you have an interest in these models, leave us a message. Beston will custom a suitable drawing to customers. And we provide a range of services to customers.

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