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Automatic Egg Tray Machine Installed in Senegal 2022

In October 2022, a set of BTF4-8 Beston automatic egg tray making machine was installed in Senegal successfully! This equipment can produce 4000-4500 paper egg trays per hour. The production process of these egg trays is pollution-free. And the paper egg tray can be recycled. When workers operate the equipment, the whole process is simple. Therefore, this customer is very satisfied with this investment.

Automatic Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Senegal 2021
Automatic Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Senegal 2021

BTF4-8 Automatic Egg Tray Machine Installed in Senegal 2022

This customer completed the installation under the online guidance of Beston engineers. Beston engineers guide customers until the project runs smoothly. Customers give Beston a good review after this series of processes is completed.

“Beston gave me a lot of suitable advice when the project was first designed. They have a lot of experience. Their technology is also very professional. These technicians and engineers can solve my problems in time. And because Beston provides a suitable layout drawing of automatic egg tray equipment, the post-installation process was smooth. Professionalism of Beston saved us a lot of time and part of the cost.”

A Wide Market for Egg Trays in Senegal

Serbia has a high demand for eggs. And there is a large demand for egg trays on farms. Plastic egg trays will pollute the environment in the future. Therefore, many businesses will choose environmentally-friendly paper egg trays. There are local factories that recycle waste paper. Waste paper is cheap. So, making egg trays out of waste paper is a lucrative business. And customers come from a wide range of sources.

If you buy equipment from Beston, Beston will provide a series of solutions, technology and service support. Beston can help customers solve their worries, including installation, operation and so on. If you are interested in Beston pulping molding equipment, please leave your details of the egg tray machine project. Beston senior project consultants will recommend the most economical solution based on your needs.

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