Egg tray machine aims to recycle waste paper into pulp molded products, such as egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays, shoe trays.  Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional global manufacturer of pulp molding machine. We are engaged in providing diversified pulp molding production lines to maximize customer return on investment.  In recent years, our products have been successfully exported to more than 30 countries and areas, like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Russia, Nigeria, etc.  Based on the credo that we do more than products, we have been highly praised by co-workers, distributors, and customers. You will certainly enjoy partnering with Beston Machinery.

Complete Specifications for Pulp Forming Equipment

Beston one-sided egg tray machine for sale

Single-sided Egg Tray Machine for Sale

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small paper egg tray making machine

Four-sided Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

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Eight-sided Egg Tray Machine Price

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Beston paper egg tray machine for sale

Twelve-sided Paper Egg Tray Machine

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Various Types of Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Paper Egg Box

Egg Carton Making Machine

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Paper Fruit Trays

Apple Tray Making Machine

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Shoe Tray Making Machine

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Different Automation Level of An Egg Tray Production Line

BTF-1-3 Manual Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Manual Egg Tray Machine

Manual egg tray machine from Beston is the optimal egg tray manufacturing business plan for small-scale investors. It has many ...
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Semi-automatic Egg Tray Machine

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automatic egg tray machine for sale from Beston

Automatic Egg Tray Machine

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Diverse Systems of Pulp Molding Production Line

High automation integrated pulping system from Beston

Egg Tray Pulping System

Egg Tray pulping system is the first step of a pulp molding production line, which is applicable to turning waste ...
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Betson eight-side egg tray making machine for sale

Egg Tray Molding System

Molding system is the second section of a pulp molding production line, which goes after the pulping system. It works when ...
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Egg Tray Drying System

Egg tray drying system is the third section of an egg tray production line, which works after the pulp molding machine ...
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Beston pulp molding production line/egg tray/egg carton/shoe tray

Egg Tray Packing System

Egg Tray packing system is an auxiliary section of a production line. It is beneficial to the appearance, storage, and transportation ...
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Features of Beston Paper Egg Tray  Making Machine

  • Top-quality Egg Tray Machine

Based on the innovative spirit and elite team, we have developed advanced pulp forming equipment. Moreover, all our equipment is strictly tested, controlled and certificated. Therefore, our products are popular among all countries around the world.

  • Professional Design

Except for the existing production line, the parameters can be adjusted as required. With professional designers and engineers, we always provide the optimal solution for customers based on their actual situations.

  • Different Dimensions

As a qualified egg tray machine supplier in China, we constantly complete the specifications of our products. So far we have developed single-side, four-side, eight-side and even twelve-side rotary egg tray molding machine for all kinds of customers. There are 3 to 6 molds on each side. In total, the number of molding dies ranges from 3 to 72.


Egg tray machine with details
Egg Tray Making Machine from Beston with Details

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  • Various End Products

With advanced technology and innovative design, our products have successfully served a broad range of industries. The existing products cover egg tray making machine, egg carton making machine, forming machine for seedling trays, fruit trays, and shoe trays, etc. Moreover, you can get all our products at the best egg tray making machine price.

  • Flexible Solutions

In term of the automatic degree, both semi-automatic and fully-automatic egg tray machines at different specifications are available at a reasonable price from Beston Machinery.

  • Full Service

We always do more than products. The whole egg tray production line is guaranteed for 12 months.  To partner with us, you can get professional advice and scientific training. All our co-workers are ready for you at any time.

Various pulp molding products
End Products from Beston

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Why Choose Beston Egg Tray Production Line?

1. Wide and cheap raw material source.

The raw materials for pulp molding production line include waste paper, old newspaper, old cartons, offcut, etc. These materials are cheap. We can collect scrap paper everywhere easily.

2. Low investment costs.

Except for the cheap raw materials, this production line consumes fewer workers and energies. In particular, we have taken a new energy-efficient treatment to our egg tray machine. For example, the total power for BTF-2000 is only 37 kw per hour. And only 4 to 6 workers are needed for BTF-2000 egg tray production line. We always employ the most advanced equipment and simplify the production line to further minimize the investment costs and maximize the returns.

3. High productivity and broad market.

As shown from the parameter list, the output of our egg tray machine reaches up to 9000 pieces per hour. Along with the advancing economy and the rising environmental consciousness, products made from molded pulp are used for a wide variety of fields. There is no doubt that quick and high returns can be expected.

4. Easy operation and maintenance.

This production line is featured with high automation and high integration. The equipment used in the production is simple. Most work is accomplished by machines instead of workers during the whole production process. Besides, the customers can get professional guidance remotely or on-site from our engineers at any time.

5. Eco-environment protection.

On the one hand, waste paper is recycled into pulp molded products by pulp tray machine. To some degree, more wood can be protected. On the other hand, the egg tray production line is free contamination. Unlike plastic protective packages, pulp products are biodegradable. With these advantages, this project is easy to be supported by the public and government.

Tested egg tray machine from Beston
Certificates for Beston Egg Tray Machine

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What Is Egg Tray Machine?

Technical Sense

Narrowly speaking, egg tray machine is also called as egg tray making machine, which only refers to pulp molding equipment. It is applied to form pulp as pulp molding products. Due to the key role it performs, a paper egg tray machine often stands for the whole pulp molding production line in a broad sense.

Main Systems

In general, a complete production line comprises of pulping system, molding system, drying system and packing system. In this production line, waste paper is employed as raw materials to produce pulp protective packages, such as egg trays, fruit trays, shoe trays. With years of experience, Beston Machinery has built various and flexible pulp molding production lines using advanced equipment. It is sure that you will get the optimal solution from us at the same egg tray machine price.

How Does an Egg Tray Making Machine Work?

As mentioned, there are four systems included in a complete egg tray production line. Each system works independently and also influences each other. Our elite team has been devoted to designing and manufacturing the best egg tray machine. Meanwhile, we have constantly optimized all the other mechanical equipment involved. With the most sophisticated craftmanship, Beston Machinery has been a model for all egg tray making machine manufacturers.

Beston egg tray production line
Flow Diagram for Beston Egg Tray Machine

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1. Pulping System

Main Assembly Parts

As we know, smooth and fine pulp makes molded pulp products fancy and durable. Thus, pulp making system is considered as the first essential section of a pulp molding production line. This system aims to make waste paper into paper pulp. The main equipment includes hydraulic pulper, pulp refiner, water pump and pulp pump.

Except for the mechanical equipment, there are three pools in general, namely, a waste water pool, a pulp pool, and a stirred tank. As for the mass production line, one more stirred tank is required. All the pools can be designed and constructed according to the area of ground and the specification of the egg tray machine. We devote to providing our clients with the most suitable construction plan.

Role of Each Part

Among the mechanical equipment, hydraulic pulper plays a part in pulping waste paper with sheer force and friction force. There is a filter screen at the bottom of hydraulic pulper for removing impurity. Then the filtered pulp is stored in the pulp pool. In order to make the pulp more smoother, pulp refiner is employed.

Use of Additives 

Sometimes we need to add some additives, such as thickening agent, coloring agent, to meet the special properties of molded pulp products. These additives and pulp are mixed evenly at a certain concentration in the stirred tank. After refining, it is eventually transported to the pulp forming machine with the use of pulp pump. Similar to pulp pump, a water pump is used to feed water to the hydraulic pulper constantly.

Beston supplies complete pulp molding production line. Wanna more details?

2. Molding System

Pulp Molding Process

This system is the core section of an egg tray production line, which serves for pulp molding. It is mainly composed of a pulp molding machine, an air compressor and a vacuum pump. Egg tray machine is basically made up of forming mode and transfer mode. Forming mold is immersed and filled with refined pulp. Then the pulp is pressed and adsorbed to the surface of forming mold by means of vacuum pump. During this process, the pulp is dehydrated to some extent. The exhaust water is recycled to the waste water pool.

Transfer Mold

However, there is still most water left after dehydration. It is difficult to move the wet molded pulp products out directly. Thus, we design a transfer mold, which exactly matches to the forming mold in a concave and convex way. With the help of air compressor, it is much easier to demold the wet products.

forming molds for egg tray machine
Forming Molds from Beston

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Forming Mold

The key to an egg tray making machine lies in the pulp molding dies. To be specific, on the basis of the design of molding dies, we have developed egg tray making machine, apple tray making machine, seedling tray making machine, egg carton making machine, etc. In addition, the number of egg tray molds matters the output of the egg tray production line. The hourly output of our egg tray machine varies from 1000 pieces to 9000 pieces. To some degree, it also has an influence on the selection of drying mode and the scale of a factory.

3. Drying System

Drying Modes From Beston

We adopt this system to dry the wet products after demolding. As for the small-scale egg tray manufacturers, natural drying is a nice choice to reduce the investment costs. Besides, there are three more efficient drying modes, that is to say, brick drying room with carts, brick drying room with a conveyor belt and metal drying room with a conveyor belt. The customized carts are used to place the wet products out of egg tray equipment. Our carts are characterized by high capacity and high-temperature resistance. They can move automatically along with the designed track in the drying room. It is easy and cheap to realize.

Differences Between Drying Lines

The advantage of brick drying room with a conveyor belt is high automation. The wet molded pulp products are directly put on the conveyor belt by transfer mold. It can greatly improve the drying efficiency of a pulp molding production line. As it is termed, the drying room can be made of brick or metal. The former one is cheaper and with wider fuel choices, while the latter one is easy to transport and install. On the other hand, we have developed a multi-layer egg tray dry line to save more space. More importantly, the heat can be recycled and fully used in the drying room to save energy and increase the drying speed.

Drying system egg tray machine
Different Drying Modes from Beston

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4. Packing System

This is an auxiliary section for egg tray machine. This system is conducive to delivering and embellishing pulp molded products. It usually consists of a hot press machine, a counter, and a packer. Among them, we use the hot press to make the product surface smoother and tidier. A counter can count the number of products automatically. And a packer plays a role in packing a stack of products compactly to save more storage space.

On the basis of the different product requirements, customers can get the equipment partially from Beston Machinery, as well as a complete packing system. With rich experience, we have been a well-known egg tray machine manufacturer around the world.

packing system for egg tray machine
Packing System from Beston

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Semi-automatic Production Line VS Automatic Production Line

The automation means the use of machines instead of people to do a job. The purpose is to reduce the labor intensity and raise working efficiency. As referred above, the automation of a pulp molding production line is mainly affected by drying system and packing system. The main differences between semi-automatic egg tray machine and fully-automatic egg tray machine lie in the different drying devices and packing equipment involved.

Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

In our fully-automatic production line,  the wet products are transferred to the conveyor belt directly. In addition, you can get qualified end products at the end of drying room with proper conveyor speed and temperature. Furthermore, we also provide a counter and a packer to place the end products compactly as required. You can find that machine does the most work. Therefore, the working efficiency is much high with lower failure rate. It is suitable for large-scale pulp tray manufacturers.

Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine
Beston Full-auto Egg Tray Machine

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Semi-automatic Egg Tray Production Line

Comparatively speaking, workers will do more in a semi-automatic egg tray production line. As for natural drying, people need to place the wet egg trays on drying racks first. Obviously, it takes much time, space and labors. In terms of a drying line with carts, workers need to transfer wet products on the carts first as well.  Then they also need to move the carts into and out of the drying room. However, the drying speed is much higher than natural drying. Moreover, it costs less. Thus, it is popular among medium and small-scale egg tray manufacturers. In general, workers will stack the dried products up manually in a semi-automatic production line. We can offer packer, hot press and counter individually.

Besides, we have developed an integrated pulping system for small-scale egg tray suppliers to save the occupied area. Furthermore, each egg tray machine from Beston Machinery is designed to decrease the investment costs and increase production efficiency greatly. We are striving to offer our customers a more easily-operated and automatic pulp molding production line at the best price.

egg tray pulp making system Beston
Integrated Pulping System from Beston

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How to Choose a Suitable Pulp Molding Production Line?

Analyzing your basic conditions first.

As the old saying goes, suits own is the best. It requires the investors to know their own situations clearly. Before investing, you need to analyze the local conditions, including the weather, fuel, labor costs, space, construction materials, etc. Each factor makes great differences. While we Beston will provide you the most suitable solution on the basis of your resource. For example, BTF-1000 is a prime choice for individual households. If they have limited space, we will advise them an integrated pulping system. When the drying field is big enough, naturally drying is an optimal selection to lessen the cost of investment. The purpose of our company is to maximize customer return.

Choose Beston.

Besides, a well-performed pulp forming machine is the key to a favorable egg tray production line. It decides the productivity of egg tray machine. You should choose an egg tray making machine from the stability of the control system, the qualification rate of egg trays, the electric circuit, the safety, operability, and maintainability. More importantly, the design and texture of molding dies matter the quality of pulp products. We Beston will provide you the superior egg tray machine at a reasonable price.

Customers visiting Beston egg tray machine
Successful Cases from Beston
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