Shoe Tray Making Machine

Shoe tray making machine is a kind of paper pulp molding machine. It emerges to produce paper pulp shoe trays. At present, people widely adopt shoe trays to protect shoes during transportation. Among various kinds of shoe trays, pulp shoe tray spreads quickly due to its advantageous features. Beston Machinery takes advantage of extensive experience and advanced technology on pulp molding equipment to introduce a complete shoe tray production line. In recent years, we have supplied a series of high-quality paper pulp moulding machine with different specifications for customers around the world.

Well-designed shoe tray making machine Beston
Shoe Trays from Beston

Specifications for Pulp Molding Machine

  • Beston shoe tray making machine/Good quality/Low price
    BTF-3-1 Shoe Tray Making Machine from Beston

Main Parameters

Model: BTF-3-1 BTF-4-1 BTF-4-8
Molds: 3-32
Output Range: 1000-4500 pieces/h
Total Power: 33-85 kw
Labor Force: 3-7 workers/shift
Customization: Yes

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Shoe tray making machine is an innovative fruit on the basis of egg tray making machine. Its capacity is mainly in connection with the quantity of molding dies as well. Our products usually have 3 to 6 forming molds each side. And we have one-side, four-side, eight-side and twelve-side pulp forming machine. Accordingly, the maximum output can be 9000 pieces each hour, while the minimum hourly capacity is under 1000 pieces.

Features and Benefits of the Egg Tray Machine From Beston Machinery

  • Superior quality and stable performance.

In general, the egg tray production process is simple. However, there are lots of parts in the whole production line. And these parts closely connect with each other, especially for an automatic egg tray machine. We insist on introducing frontier technology to improve the stability of our products, shoe tray making machine included.

  • Custom mold designs.

Expect for the molding dies, the other parts can be customized as well. For example, the pulp pools can be built on the ground or under the ground.

  • Low operating and maintenance costs from long life and ease of installation.

Both machines and the plant, such as the pulp pools, are durable. The whole pulp molding production line is easy to operate and maintain. Therefore, the costs of operating and maintenance will be greatly reduced.

  • Adjustable Specifications and Professional Services

It is important to notice that the related parts will be a little bit different at different specifications. For example, the length of the drying room is longer for the paper tray forming machine with a larger capacity. In this way, the wet products can be dried as expected. Our designers will offer you the most suitable solution in accordance with your local conditions and your specific demands. In addition to the best investment project, our technicians will perform process optimization, quality control, and troubleshooting in service.

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Working Process of Shoe Tray Making Machine

Just like egg tray machine, it also covers four systems, that is, pulping system, molding system, drying system and packing system. After placing the raw materials, water and additives into hydraulic pulper proportionally, the pulping system and molding system will work based on the presupposed procedure. We can produce different products with different molding dies. For instance, shoe tray making machine is equipped with designed shoe tray molds.  The wet products are dried and packed manually or automatically after demolding.

On the one hand, our company has focused on improving the performance of our pulp molding machine since our establishment. On the other hand, we are striving to increase the automation of our pulp molding production line to offer diverse options for customers.

Best shoe tray making machine from Beston for sale
Natural Drying for Shoe Trays

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Special Equipment Employed in Shoe Tray Production Line

Except for the necessary components, such as pulp forming machine, vacuum pump, we often recommend a hot press machine to reshape the shoe trays. Hot press is commonly used for to make the surface glossy and well-pressed. Meanwhile, the neat products are easy to stack and transport. Our hot press is specially designed for shoe tray making machine, which is efficient and energy saving. The pressure and temperature are stable and adjustable during working. Besides, it is controlled automatically, which makes it safe and simple to operate.

Top quality/High stability Hot press Beston
Beston Hot Press for Shoe Trays

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Environment-Friendly Design

There are many kinds of shoe trays, such as wooden shoe trays, plastic shoe trays, foam shoe trays and pulp shoe trays. However, pulp shoe trays are characterized by low price, handiness, and biodegradation among them. Predictably, pulp shoe trays will be the new favorite product. It is wise to invest a shoe tray making machine.

Besides, waste paper can be recycled through a pulp molding production line and the abandoned products can be degraded after use. For the other thing, there is no waste water or exhaust emissions during working process. Our company has committed to improving the technology of energy-saving and emission reduction. Each piece of pulp molding equipment from Beston Machinery has been tested and approved by specialized agencies.

Rich and Cheap Raw Materials

Similar to the egg tray production line, scrap paper is used as raw materials for shoe tray making machine. We can find waste paper everywhere, such as old newspaper, old cartons, offcut. In particular, the cost of waste paper recycling is low. The rich and cheap resources make shoe tray manufacturing industry more acceptable.

There are a large variety of shoes available on the market today. In other words, there is a broad market for shoe trays. At the same time, it requires special attention to the design of shoe tray molding dies. Our dismountable molds are offered to make the pulp molding production line multifunctional and efficient. Investing a paper pulp molding machine from Beston is certainly an excellent choice.

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Specific Parameters of Egg Tray Machine From Beston

The specific parameters of our paper pulp tray molding machine are shown in the following table. We figure out the production on the basis of egg trays with the weight of 0.1 kg. If you want more details, contact us NOW!

Model Output


Mold Total power Labor force Paper consumption/h Vacuum Pulper Drying


BTF-1000 1000 3 33 kw 3-5 60 kg 7.5 kw 7.5 kw 5.5 kw
BTF-1500 1500 4 49 kw 4–6 87 kg 11 kw 7.5 kw 16 kw
BTF-2000 2000 6 37 kw 4-6 120 kg 11 kw 7.5 kw 7.5 kw
BTF-3-4 1800-3000 12 40 kw 4–6 100-200 kg 18 kw 7.5 kw 15 kw
BTF-4-4 2200-2500 16 65 kw 4–6 110-175 kg 22 kw 7.5 kw 19 kw
BTF-3-8 2000-4000 24 72 kw 5-7 110-260 kg 29 kw 7.5 kw 19 kw
BTF-4-8 4500-6500 32 85 kw 5-7 110-260 kg 29 kw 7.5 kw 19 kw
BTF-5-8 5000-7000 40 110 kw 5-7 270-450 kg 47 kw 22 kw 21 kw
BTF-4-12 5000-7000 48 160 kw 5-8 300-600 kg 55 kw 22 kw 26 kw
BTF-5-12 6000-9000 60 180 kw 6-9 350-750 kg 75 kw 30 kw 37 kw

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